It’s possible to view content from
any direction by simple turning of the device

Sound design. Spatial sound image changes
depending on the rotation of the device

The angle is 360 degrees vertically
and 180 degrees horizontally

The device can be installed both indoors
and in the streets of a city

The viewer can move in 3D space

There is an opportunity to fill
the virtual 3D scene with items and characters

The device allows to:
Travel for hundreds years to the past
and look around
Obtain additional information
about objects
Fly over place and explore city
from a bird’s eye view
Observe planed buildings
and their construction in the virtual space
in a museum
in a city
on an exhibition
Historical panorama is a
virtual environment construction
with architectural elements,
people and vehicles
of selected period
Viewers can take a flight over the place
of Binocular "Noon" installation
at bird's eye
Branding presentation of
various objects in the virtual space
(for example: flying plane
or passing vehicles)
You can send us questions or pre-order the Noon binocular